Why Columbia International College?

  • Holistic approach: 
    Columbia International College is the only Canadian school with the ASEP-Total Care Education System®, a unique student nurturing system founded on one simple principle: that academic success is based on a student’s social, emotional, and physical well-being. Total Care Education® is designed to address a child’s four essential needs (academic, social, emotional, and physical, which we have shortened to “ASEP”). Because each student’s needs are unique, Columbia does a special assessment once the student arrives and every year they attend the school. This holistic assessment looks at the student’s ASEP strengths and weaknesses as they apply to learning, living, development, and communication and establishes a customized plan to enhance their learning potential, help them get the most from boarding life, encourage their extracurricular involvement and facilitate three-way communication between families, children and Columbia staff. The goal is to maximize each student’s potential as a person of character, help them become sought-after students at well-respected universities, and develop them into well-rounded responsible global citizens. Columbia International College is committed to providing excellent student-centered service. Focusing on meeting the needs of all students will help to build trust and confidence within the school community.
  • Location: 
    Columbia is strategically located in Hamilton, Ontario, a beautiful medium-sized city proudly known as “the city of waterfalls.” Columbia students benefit from the creative energy, friendly people, diverse neighbourhoods and the safe environment of the city, which is only an hour away from both Toronto and Niagara Falls. 

Available for Grade 12 Only