Blyth Academy is Canada’s leading private school by enrollment. With average class sizes of seven, individuated teaching and an experiential approach, Blyth Academy offers excellent university preparation. More than 98 per cent of Blyth Academy graduates attend the universities and colleges of their first choice. Students have received admissions offers from some of the top universities in the world including Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and MIT.

Why Blyth Academy ?

  • Customized Classes

     Blyth Academy Mississauga tailors the program to the individual student. Taking into account each international student’s learning style and extra-curricular responsibilities; Blyth Academy is able to customize a plan unique to the individual that allows each international student to reach their potential. 50% of international students return to Blyth Academy for a second year of study. Blyth Academy’s unique experiential learning environment is one of the key pillars of Blyth Academy's success. Experiential learning encourages students to be enthusiastic and engaged in the learning process. It brings the classroom to life, and takes the students outside the traditional classroom setting to participate in hands-on learning. International students love Blyth and keep coming back for more every year!

  • Enhanced Rate of Academic Success

    Blyth Academy is ministry inspected, adheres to all provincial standards, and provides official transcripts. Blyth Academy’s primary focus is academic achievement, to prepare all international students for university and beyond. Blyth Academy’s unique teaching methods and strategies have proven outcomes, with 98% of students going on to post-secondary education, 95% received their first choice of post-secondary institution, and 40% receive partial or full scholarships to post-secondary institutions

  • An Empathetic Learning Environment

    Blyth Academy takes great pride in providing a learning environment that is inclusive, with teachers and support staff that can engage with students on both an academic and emotional level.

  • Small Classes, Individual Attention

    International students account for 10% of campus enrollment and are provided with a very personalized educational program. They receive individual attention from teachers and are always engaged with an average class size of fewer than 8 students. International students are offered a very unique experience as they are fully immersed with Canadian students. They have a wonderful opportunity to improve their language skills and make new Canadian friends

Available for Grade 12 Only