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Why Study in Australia

Education System

Australia has a world-class education system, with top-ranked universities and vocational education institutions. The academic year typically runs from February to November, with breaks in July and December.

Employment Opportunity

International students in Australia can work part-time while studying, providing an opportunity to gain work experience and earn extra money. After completing their studies, graduates can apply for a post-study work visa, providing a pathway to permanent residency.

Support Services

Most universities have support services for international students, including academic support, accommodation assistance, and cultural programs.

Safe and Secure

Australia is known for being a safe and secure country, with low crime rates and a stable political environment. The country has strict laws to protect the rights of all individuals, including international students.

Study Info in Australia

Living cost major cities in Australia


Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in Australia, with the cost of living estimated to be around AUD 2,000-3,000 per month for accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses.


Melbourne is slightly more affordable than Sydney, with the cost of living estimated to be around AUD 1,800-2,500 per month.


Brisbane is considered to be a more affordable option than Sydney and Melbourne, with the cost of living estimated to be around AUD 1,500-2,500 per month.


Adelaide is one of the most affordable cities in Australia, with the cost of living estimated to be around AUD 1,300-2,000 per month.


Perth is a relatively expensive city, with the cost of living estimated to be around AUD 1,800-2,500 per month

International Student in Australia

Study permit

International students who wish to study in Australia will need to obtain a student visa, also known as a subclass 500 visa. The validity of a study permit for international students in Australia depends on the length of their course of study. For most courses, the study permit will be valid for the duration of the course, plus an additional two months after the completion of the course. For example, if a course is for two years, the student's study permit will be valid for two years and two months.

Work permit

International students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight (two weeks) during the academic year, and full-time during scheduled breaks, such as summer or winter holidays. International students must hold a valid student visa to work in Australia. International students must be enrolled in a registered course of study with a minimum duration of three months to be eligible to work.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Australia is currently AUD 20.33 per hour. International students are subject to the same taxation rules as Australian residents. They will need to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) to work in Australia.

Work after graduate

International students may be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa after completing their studies in Australia. To be eligible for a post-study work visa, international students must have completed a degree or higher-level qualification from an Australian institution, and their course of study must have been at least two years in duration. The post-study work visa allows international students to stay in Australia and work for up to 2-4 years, depending on their qualification and the location of their study. International students must apply for the post-study work visa within six months of
completing their studies in Australia.

Geography Facts of Australia


Australia is the world's sixth-largest country, located in the southern hemisphere between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Australia has a land area of 7.69 million square kilometers, making it the world's largest island and smallest continent. Australia is divided into six states and two territories: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory. Australia has a vast coastline of approximately 36,000 kilometers, with many beautiful beaches and coral reefs.


Due to its size and location, Australia has a varied climate, ranging from tropical in the north to temperate in the south. The interior of Australia is mostly desert or semi-arid. Australia's seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere:

  1. Summer (December to February):
    Summer in Australia is generally hot and dry, with temperatures ranging from 20-30°C in the south and up to 40°C in the north.
  2. Autumn (March to May):
    Autumn is usually mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 10-20°C in the south and 20-30°C in the north.
  3. Winter (June to August):
    Winter in Australia can be cold in the south, with temperatures ranging from 5-15°C and mild in the north, with temperatures around 20°C.
  4. Spring (September to November):
    Spring is generally mild and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 15-25°C in the south and up to 30°C in the north.

Natural Landmarks:

  1. Uluru / Ayers Rock
  2. The Great Barrier Reef
  3. Kakadu National Park
  4. The Three Sisters
  5. The Pinnacles

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